Friday, September 18, 2009


Dear bloggers,
I know this is going to sound completely nerdy.
But that's fine by me.
So, earlier this afternoon I stumbled across an episode of the new show, Glee. Yes, I've heard about it. Good things too. So, it being Friday and all, I thought I would start off watching the pilot episode and see what I thought. One word: amazing. By the way, sorry I keep talking in dramatic short sentences. That must be my mood right now.
But really, I love my TV shows and it's pretty hard to get me hooked on one. The top picks on my list have deserved it, worked for it, and have earned to be called my television addictions. Glee instantly won me over. It could possibly be my love for music programs in high schools and how I felt at the bottom of the social ladder being in band my entire middle school/high school career. Glee spoke to me and I love it. I then proceeded to watch three episodes of it when I really needed to be working on homework. Yikes.
In fact, I really need to be working on homework now but I had a thought about my poor abandoned blog and I realized I needed to fix the fact that I haven't written on here in for. ev. er. Name that movie.
Anyway, I totally feel like an extreme nerd expressing my advocacy for Glee. That and the fact that I just heard and recognized "Bella's Lullaby" playing in the apartment above mine.
I better get to work on all of the huge piles of work I need to finish for my classes this weekend and although this probably appears like some random rantings from a crazy college girl, it was only really me trying to say that I still care about my blog and I'll be working on some really cool and interesting stuff for the near future. Keep checking in and happy blogging.
Love, me.
P.S. I just re-read this entry and I am so sorry. So very random. Oh well! :)