Monday, May 17, 2010


The worst kind of headache you can get is when it's brought on from all of the craziness happening in your life. Yes, they are unfortunate if you get them when you're sick or when your allergies kick in, but it is absolutely awful when you can feel your head start to hurt little by little because of all the thinking and problem solving you are trying to do.

At the moment, I am trying to figure out what jobs I should pursue/take and how to organize the rest of the classes I need to take at BYU before I graduate. Of course everything cannot be as easy as it was when we were in kindergarten; black and white, yes and no, right and wrong. Now, everything has to have complications. Extra things to worry about or factor in. Ugh! It's enough to make me want to pull my hair out! (Figuratively and literally...) And on top of everything that is running through my brain at the moment I also have to worry about all of the homework I have to do, including a 6-page paper/midterm for my Utah History class. I really love school, but sometimes I don't like the things it does to my stress...time...brain. Compare it to the way this common conversation goes between a parent and child. "I love you so much, but sometimes I don't love how you act." This relationship is exactly like my relationship with school.

Anyway, on a positive note, Glee is on again tomorrow night with Neil Patrick Harris guest starring. Yay! Hopefully it's great, which I'm sure it will be. What else? Hmmm...My birthday is in 51 days, so that means I have that much longer of being in my "teens." I'll feel so old once I hit 20.

Update: I went to the Paramore/Relient K/f.u.n. concert with Tatiana, Angela and Aric. It was AMAZING! Hayley Williams is basically flawless when she sings live. That girl has lungs!

I also got a haircut...with straight across bangs! *gasp* I never thought I would ever do that, but I actually really like it.

Thanks for letting me rant. My head feels so much better. Now let's hope the headache doesn't pick up where it left off, even though I need to.

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