Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Winding Down

Overall, today was a good day. It was the last day of classes this semester and I have mixed feelings. It just seems like this semester went by far too quickly...but I guess I shouldn't complain. I had my last Adolescent Development class and it made me realize how much I actually learned. It was also completely entertaining because we got to sit through more presentations about the Up Series kids.

In case you aren't aware of the Up is a documentary series that follows individuals since they were age 7 and they track them down every 7 years to do another installment. The latest version is 49 Up. We were assigned in pairs to basically become an expert on one of the Up kids. Thus, my fascination with Nicholas Hitchon. Apparently he is a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He is just the cutest thing ever, even now. Maybe it's just the British thing.

I guess it's kind of creepy that I have such feelings of endearment towards a man who is probably around 55 years old, but I can't help it. I mean, look at his face for goodness sake! I cannot wait until the next installment in the series comes out and if my calculations are correct, that should be next year!

Anyway, moving on...I did the dishes during my break after Adolescent Development while jamming to Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" and then watched some more of the Up Series with my roommate, Bree. But that was cut short due to my 5:00 Living Prophets class. Back to campus. I really enjoyed that class though too, so it was somewhat sad to leave it forever.

After I came home I decided to watch The Last Song and proceeded to become an absolute mess throughout the rest of the evening because, even though I love tear-jerkers, I just can't handle all of the depressing sadness and I end up crying hysterically. It was a good movie though for the most part, aside from the fact that I can't stand Miley Cyrus' acting.

Also I have to mention that Liam Hemsworth has the most dashingly handsome good looks I have ever seen. Check him out!

For the past hour I've been looking up an intense assortment of blogs...from fashion blogs to my friends' personal blogs to strangers personal blogs to wedding blogs and so on. So of course I felt the need to tend to my own blog. Sorry this has been a rambling session, but I realized that I do need to get better at documenting my life. After I talked to Tatiana tonight about how she and Andrew first started dating (because I realized I didn't even know the entire story) and trying to remember details with her about our band trips to Seattle and San Diego, I came to the conclusion that I do not want to let future details of my life slip through the cracks like I have allowed in the past.

But that's all for now. Voy a escribir pronto.

P.S. We did end up remembering that we stayed at the Embassy Suites in both Seattle and San Diego (Bellevue and La Jolla respectively).

P.P.S. I was randomly searching YouTube and I found clips from the Matthew Broderick/Kristin Chenoweth version of The Music Man and now I'm sucked in. It's getting late, but oh well! No classes tomorrow, right? hehe. Goodnight my someone... :)


  1. It's definitely not creepy to love Nick, duh. He's a good guy. Also, I have never seen Last Song, BUT since it's watch instantly on Netflix, I may do that soon. Have you ever read the Hunger Games? Because Liam Hemsworth is gonna be in that movie, too, and it's going to be really exciting. LASTLY, I happen to LOVE the Music Man, AND I love Matthew Broderick & Kristin Chenoweth. Isn't it amazing?? And I just looked and saw that the movie is about $6 total on I may have to purchase that soon. hahaha =)

  2. This makes my day that you read this rambling session. haha. You definitely have to watch The Last Song. SO good. And I just found out yesterday that Liam Hemsworth is going to be in the Hunger Games movie!!! My roommate, Bree, actually screamed pretty loud when she found out. Those books are awesome! And yes, the Music Man is also awesome. Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth are pretty much my musical heroes for the week! hehe. Probably because the songs have been stuck in my head for days...