Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slice of Life: Supposed Clutter and Junk

One man's trash is certainly another man's treasure. I walk back from classes, my mind in a whirl. I have just spent hours and hours sitting in the same classroom on campus, figuratively sorting through piles and piles of English strategies, books, tools, mechanics, and so on. My brain feverishly continues to sort and organize the information as I walk across a spattering of ice spindling across the cold sidewalk. As I get to my car, my mind still seems cluttered and the headache starts to set in.

Getting home, I decide I need a mental break. I turn on one of my favorite shows. I always enjoy Pawn Stars and American Pickers on the History Channel, but today it will be Storage Wars. Watching "The Collector," "The Young Gun," "The Mogul," and "The Gambler" bid on piles and piles of what seems like junk, realization begins to set in as the headache subsides. There is obvious value, often thousands of dollars of value, sitting in those cluttered piles. All it takes is understanding, time, and work to turn the messy clutter into something of worth. Many would say not to bother. It's too much. It's just junk. But no, the bidders know better and now so do I.


  1. What a fun contrast. . . and maybe comparison? What in the first part of your day was junk and what was treasure???

  2. The conclusion I ended up reaching was that, even though all of the information was getting piled on and I felt like it was useless because it was just cluttering my mind, in reality everything I learned yesterday is valuable. I just need to spend the time to sort through it and organize it in my mind so that it makes sense. Actually, writing this Slice of Life helped me see that. :)