Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day (4)

I'm actually sort of going to break the rules right now.

Today is supposed to be a picture of me 10 years ago, but I was just talking to my mom and she has them all boxed. So, that one will have to wait for about a week.

I'll just move on to the next one, which is a picture of a place that makes me happy.

I've posted this one before, so you might know that this is my most favorite thinking place in the world and the most picturesque backdrop I could ever imagine. When I'm there I sometimes cannot even believe it's real.

Also just to fill the void of a missing oldies picture of myself, I'll give you a little sample. This was actually more than 10 years ago. More like 15. My bestie, Tatiana, just found this tonight. Haha.

Aren't we so cute??? (All together now...Awwww!)

I chose this picture over the other one she found when we were 12. That was definitely an awkward stage for us both. This is much better.

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