Monday, March 28, 2011


So if you haven't already figured it out, I stopped doing the photo blog challenge. I could have kept going but I realized that no one was probably even looking at them and it was taking forever to find good pictures, not to mention I was beginning to lose the feel of the challenge. They were either too easy or stretched to cover the topic. Anyway, I'm out on that one. Maybe I'll do a different challenge over the summer, but it will most likely be me posting my photography because I plan to throw myself into that one all summer. I can't wait! But as for now, yeah, no more photo challenge pictures. But have a lovely day!

I just woke up this morning to drive my roommate to school, because she's on crutches due to a broken toe. :( So now I should read the chapter in my adolescent development book about social development, but I think you might be able to understand when I say that I'm not dying to crack that book open. It's a Monday for sure.

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