Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cupcakes, Anyone?

It is late and I am tired. But I still wanted to write something. So I went to my new job for the first time today! Mostly just to fill out paperwork, but it was still so exciting! I go in again tomorrow.

Also, I love cupcakes. That probably sounds random, but my roommate and I went to the Cocoa Bean tonight and it was delicious like always. But that also reminded me that I was going to post pictures of the cupcakes that I've been making recently.

I made cupcakes that looked like apples for a group presentation in one of my teaching classes last semester. I think I had too much fun making them. :)

Close up!

Then I got on this kick of making spice cupcakes. The cake mix was super cheap and all I had at home was cheap vanilla frosting, but it turned out to be so good! It tasted like super fancy cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, but it cost me less that 3 dollars to make two dozen...

So delicious...I got a bit obsessed and had to take a break from baking so many cupcakes.

I also made pastel cupcakes for my family at Easter, but I don't have a picture of them.

Anyway, so there was my little plunge into the world of cupcakes. I also got really into watching Cupcake Wars and shows like that. I was already obsessed with cake baking after watching Cake Boss all last summer. I even made my mom's birthday cake last July using fondant and everything! It's very fun and I would bake tons more if I wasn't trying to eat healthier. Today was a lapse in self-control for sure, but hopefully I'll be doing myself a favor by laying off the cupcake baking for a while. :)

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